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10: Found the respirator

2020-09-10 10:10

Tags: pollution health weather Location: home

It helps a bit, even though both it and the filter elements are about 15 years old. I wish it wasn't so hard on my face, though. It's like wearing a vice across the bridge of my nose. Fortunately I don't need to go outside very much, so hopefully it won't be necessary long-term. (Assuming this smoke isn't the new normal, of course. Which given how the rest of this year is going and how severely this country has deteriorated into a fascist's wet dream, may simply be the case.)

clover wearing a half-face style respirator

The sun is so wan it's possible to stare at it without even squinting. It feels incredibly apocryphal today, and I can't help but feel like I'm walking into the dystopian future that sci-fi writers always assumed would eventually arrive.

Well, it's here.

smoke nearly obscuring the sun

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