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13: My LG G6 US997 just died

2020-04-13 17:45

Tags: hardware phone sad pinephone frustration Location: home

It has been my favourite phone amid a sea of mediocre Apple and HTC products, and has been pretty darn sturdy up until I broke the screen a while back.

That was easy enough to fix (okay, maybe not that easy), but the boot-loop it went into a short time ago seems intractable. I can't remember how to get into TWRP at the moment, I'll save that for later. It probably isn't possible, I did what I could recollect from memory, and it didn't do anything.

I've spent so much time on this device, both in terms of set-up and customisation, as well as screen-time. I am really sad it may be gone for good. I was quite hopeful it would make it another year, at least, as it has been quite a bit more rugged than its design would seem to indicate.

I'm loathe to switch back to the Verizon-locked Android I was on for a few months previous to this device, but it will mean relatively little work needs to be done to my glue scripts and cron jobs to track my step activity. And I guess I could break my Android Wear out again, if I wanted (though to be honest I don't particularly want or care to do so).

My PinePhone, while seeming to be a fair-quality handset, is just not usable in any way. I've tried multiple builds of Ubuntu Touch (which I rather liked), PostmarketOS (which I absolutely hated, and found almost unusably sluggish), and a few others. None seemed capable of allowing the battery to last even remotely long enough. Maybe two to four hours, tops. That's certainly not long enough to make it even halfway through the day, which makes it a poor daily driver device, even though I'm willing to sacrifice some of the hardware. (The few times I got far enough to have syncthing running the battery life dropped to about an hour, two max. And I need syncthing for my device to be functional for daily use.)

Ah well. I've liked my two LG phones all right. They've certainly been every bit as long-lived as the several Apple devices I've owned. And certainly less frustrating... I may try OnePlus next. They seem to have good marks for ROM customisation and pretty decent hardware to boot.

Edit: So much for OnePlus, they don't seem to make anything modern with a headphone jack. That discounts their entire line-up for me, sadly.

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