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09: CSS changes

2019-10-09 13:51

Tags: journal web css medication chronicpain

I changed the CSS for my page a bit.

I typically prefer dark themes to bright ones, as I am fairly sensitive to light (especially very bright light).

I am trying a medication that was supposed to help me with my sleep, but which unfortunately has caused a gross increase in my chronic pain symptoms and hypersensitivities, so it seemed an appropriate time to do some tweaking of the default vimwiki-output CSS. I had already done some minor modifications to it not long ago, but was not pleased with the result.

I wanted to make the theme toggle-able, as with a few examples which do this with Javascript or other methods. Unfortunately I don't particularly like Javascript, nor am I familiar enough with it to feel interested in trying. So for now I use "prefer-color-scheme" and hope that it works for folks. (It does not for me, unfortunately, which is why I default to the dark theme. Sorry light-theme-likers.)

I may revisit the JS choice at a later date, but for now I am not particularly interested in worrying about it. I can barely type due to the amount of pain I'm in presently, so waiting seems far more reasonable that pushing myself needlessly.

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