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01: Website is back!

2019-08-01 08:48

Tags: web happy

Heya! My website is back up after having been down for a bit for personal reasons.

I'm still working out some of the vimwiki and organisational glitches, but the "tech notes" section is on its way before too much longer.

I hadn't planned anything spectacularly fancy, but I know I had some how-to guides that have been missed at times by others since I removed my Wordpress site. So hopefully I can either replace those, or barring that, rebuild them from scratch.

11:53: email: Switching away from Google

Tags: email privacy security Location: home

I finally started the ball rolling on switching away from Google Mail, yesterday. I have continually found their invasion of users' privacy to be shocking and unacceptable, and was finally fed up with accepting it.

I went with Tutanota for my new provider. I am using their free tier for the time being to see how well I like their services, and may switch my entire domain over if I can see a way to do it without spending too much to do so.

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