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15: Social media: Real life friends visiting tomorrow!

2019-04-15 13:00

Tags: friend social irl

I have two friends visiting from out-of-state starting tomorrow. :)

My enbyfriend I am picking up at the local airport in the evening, and another friend is driving in from closer, and will be staying in town during the duration of my enbyfriend's visit.

They've known each other longer than I've known either of them, but none of us have ever met in person, before, so I'm hoping things go well.

All the outdoor clean-up work I've been doing has finally cleared a good section of hiking trail, and though I would have liked to have had more done before they arrived, it will simply have to do.


Tags: hardware diy repair

Ha! I have mostly undone the damage to my LG G6 at this point. The screen and back cover are as good as new.

I am a bit miffed that the seller offering the cover did not mention that the part was branded. I happen to be a Verizon customer at present, but loath them with every fibre of my being. My old cover was unmarred by useless marque silliness, and I would have continued using it even shattered, had it not been such a huge danger to my flesh. (I ended up with a few glass slivers to work out after the screen repair, I'm not too ashamed to say.)

Ah well, it could've been worse, I suppose.

broken old cover, unbroken new cover (with annoying branding I didn't ask for)

replacement in-progress...

almost there!

starts up fine, just as it did when I tested it before sealing the back

...oh thank goodness, I am so happy!

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