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08: Hardware gore: Whoops

2019-04-08 21:43

Tags: sad hardware oops repair diy Location: home

Well, that could have been less destructive.

I had a little accident with my favourite electwonic fwiend, my LG G6.

a very broken phone screen

I'm not sure which I find more frustrating, that I'm going to likely spend 4-6 grueling hours doing the screen swap myself, or the fact that I'm about to lose an uptime that will be over 105 days. That's the best I've done with a phone in a long time.

I'm typing this on it, so it's not completely toast, and I've already done the backing up I felt I needed to do in case it got worse. This is quite possibly my favourite phone, hands down ever, so I am fairly invested in getting it back in healthier shape.

It amuses me that it took me about five minutes trying to research alternatives for a new phone before I immediately went to order the replacement assembly and tools to install it myself.

I may not have the mental focus I once had, but how hard could it be? I've done batteries in iThings of all kinds, and have been building my own computers since I had a good enough job to afford to.

It'll be fine.

...Aaaaaand if not, I'll try putting the mainboard in a spare G6 chassis I just happen to have at my disposal...

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