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28: Yard work: moooore

2019-03-28 20:58

Tags: fm tired exercise chainsaw

Dad showed me how to sharpen my saw chain today.

It's not too hard, getting it into the vice seemed a bit fiddlier than anything. It would only take me about ten minutes to do if I didn't need to worry about the vice, I think. So maybe once I get better at it I'll try free-handing and see how I do.

I didn't get it as sharp as I probably should've today, but I am still getting the feel for it.

I did chop a bit of cedar, though. Hopefully I'll get strong enough to do more in a day or three



I cut up this one, as pictured, and then did a bit of the stuff further up the trail that I hadn't gotten to the last time I was up that way. I also carried a bunch of stuff from the trail that heads northwest up behind the house, as that's one of my favoured walking paths.

At the end of the day I ended up with over 6K steps, so I hope I'm not too wiped out tomorrow. Though it really doesn't matter if I am, Saturday is the next dry day we can work outside, so I plan to rest on Friday.

me looking pleased with myself after work

a large bruisue from several days back

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