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26: Yard work: Even more storm clean up

2019-03-26 15:31

Tags: exercise outdoors chainsaw

I went out and did some sawing. I started out with dad's saw since my chain is dull, but that sucked! His weighs something like twice what mine does, it is not any fun.

I was so out of breath just from carrying it around that it took me a moment of sitting to even work up the energy to carry it back, and put it away and get my own fueled up to use. Even with the dull chain it was still a lot less work to get things cut up. (Excepting the odd bole that was just the wrong angle and jammed my bar. This happened a few times, but ah well.)

I came in and was too tired to shower, but I think that's going to be changing shortly. I had a bunch of water and snacks, so I should be good to shower. At some point. :)

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