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27: snow forever

2019-02-27 09:55

Tags: weather snow tired fm flareup irritable Location: home

Mom's shoveling snow off the deck so it won't collapse. Dad's getting ready to go out and work on the road more.

I seem to be having a flareup of fibro, and am irritable, sore, and almost too tired to move.

I know eventually we should adapt, but I'm just suffering. I can't take this continual cold.

Talked to my sister via Telegram call this morning. Would've done Mitch as well, but the cell signal makes it too trying.

I'd like to get in bed and sleep through this, but mom and dad need me. •sighs depressively tiredly•

a little bird looking for food

a little bird scavenging for food in the snow storm

thumbs up

a tired thumbs-up


Tags: fm tired cry dog

Not much has changed. Weather has warmed up to 36°F outside, and 56°F inside (with help from the space heater).

I'm still exhausted to the point I don't want to even move. Eating far more than I had interest in finally warmed me up a little. Who knew I wasn't eating enough... I had a bit of a cry about five minutes ago because I was struggling so hard. Fortunately mom took the dog out and dad is outside, so no one saw.

Hopefully this time alone will let me unwind a little so I can start to feel better.

The snow has melted a little bit, but not nearly as much as we would need to outright drive out. There is still over a foot on the road basically everywhere, from what I can see from the house. I really haven't been out today, aside from the one time to help dad with the transfer switch.

Dad messed with the inside circuit breaker panel, transfer switch, and generator hook-up board, but we still can't get anything out of that generator. At least not any more than will run a few phone chargers, the space heater, and the outside fridge. I really hope that the freezer is still semi frozen and not a pool...the inside fridge is room temp at this point, so anything we didn't move out is likely spoiled.

crying spell

succumbing to a crying spell due to sheer exhaustion and physical weakness

doing laundry

doing laundry

cars still buried in snow

sunset over destruction


Tags: fm tired irritable headache dog

Irritable doesn't quite cover it, but I'm surviving.

Mom and dad keep flashing their headlamps in my face, and it's giving me a headache.

We tried covering the furnace air returns with card board in an attempt to keep the upstairs a bit warmer, but i have doubts it'll do much.

Ah well. I'm too tired to do anything, so I think after my back rub I'll put some AM static on the shortwave and try to sleep. They medicated the dog, so we have high hopes we'll get some sleep.

brushing my teeth in the dark

brushing my teeth in the dark

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