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12: Android: Dvorak Multiling O Keyboard layout (and 'carbon' theme)

2019-02-12 09:15

Tags: software keyboard android kde linux

Figured it was time for an updated post on my older and slightly less old OKey layout, in case anyone else wants to see how it's turning out over time.


Here's the default layout when first opened:

dvorak softkey keyboard showing dvorak layout letters

Note the four-function key to the left of "space". This defaults to "select all" when tapped, "cut" when slid to the left, "copy" when slid upward, and "paste" when slid to the right. The lighter hued symbols are secondary (hidden on the "Sym" layout) and can be accessed by tap-holding for a brief time.

The escape and tab key is also multi-function in a way. Tap for escape, and hold briefly for a tab. (This actually works well in terminal apps like Termux, as it adds the functionality for those keys without taking up too dreadfully much screen space.)

Here is the secondary (AltGr) layout, which I'm using for multiple things, as you can see (I don't use symbols much, so I co-opted this for my own use):

dvorak softkey keyboard showing additional symbols and other shortcuts

(I'm aware of the additional "shift" key, I just don't know what else to put there presently.)

Here is the secondary "shift"ed to show a few alternate symbols:

dvorak softkey keyboard showing additional symbols and other shortcuts, shifted

I've been using this a lot with KDEConnect to control my desktop with my phone, as that's easier on my body pain-wise. Seems to work for most things, but is definitely still a bit frustrating and slow compared to even a 60% keyboard. Admittedly, even with extra taps, it's still less painful for me to use than any full-size board.

If the new theme looks vaguely familiar, it's probably because of my real keyboard, a Mistel MD600 (well, I have two of them, actually) with Tai Hao back-light-ready "Carbon" keycaps. I thought I had posted about them before, but seemingly not.

mistel MD600 closeup showing keycaps and backlighting

mistel MD600 split keyboard with mouse set up between the halves

In case you are wondering, I don't play video games (at least not any more). The mat came with a "Modern Warfare 3" gaming mouse I wanted that was a cheaper version of the same thing Logitech pawns off as a "high end" mouse. Which it turned out not to be in the least. I can't use it any more, anyway, as I'm unable to mouse with my right hand, and they are specifically made to only work right-handed.

I do highly recommend the keyboards, especially if you have neck/back pain made worse by holding your arms at the needed angles to use a one-piece board. It doesn't make computing as fun for me as it used to be, but at least with it, I can type a little longer before the pain becomes too unbearable.


If you like the theme, here is that (copy and paste, then import via Settings > Misc. > Import|Export > Theme):



And here is the layout itself, a modified Dvorak mapping:

"title":"clover-dv v3.40",





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