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09: Android: journaling on a mobile phone

2018-11-09 05:33

Tags: journaling linux vim termux vimwiki lazytyping

not sure i've posted about this before. i dont always post from my phone, but because of my pain issues, it's often too taxing to sit at a computer. (laptops in particular feel like torture devices constructed precisely to induce misery.) thus, when i do feel rotten, and can't post from linux, like a normal person, i just use termux on my google services framework- and google play-free phone.

open termux and edit an existing or new day's post(s) file (markdown) using vim/vimwiki:

editing a post editing a post

sometimes i use a hardware keyboard of some kind, if my hands aren't working too well, or are cramping from typing too much using a softkey set-up. then the text is more submersive:


though usually, in the above scenario, i spend more time forcing android to use my preferred keyboard layout with the hardware keyboard than should ever be required on any operating system than i do actually writing.

why this won't "stick" is quite beyond me, and i've given up trying at this point. as much less awful as android is for me than ios, it still has some particularly ridiculous accessibility issues...

once i'm done writing, i sometimes use a helper app to reduce the resolution of images i plan to include, and i save them to the html output directory vimwiki writes do once i "save" in vim. this and the image tags in vimwiki are generally the most fiddly bits. (even using vim on a softkeyboard isn't so bad, once one's used to it. and has some kind of usable keyboard available to her (as you see in other shots):

send reduced send reduced

everything is written directly to the "live" syncthing directory, because like i care.

it gets written as markdown, vimwiki translates it to html, which is added to the "live" html directory, and syncthing pushes that (and the images) up to my web host. bing: post is now live. nothing else is needed.

sometimes i mess up an image or have typos, and it's usually only once it's live that i can see those and fix them. but sometimes i'm lazy and just don't care. (like today, though i did fix the paths for the images, cus i'm not thinking clearly and used the path for my private journal, which is keep entirely separate. for obvious reasons.)

and, viola, a post is born:

post done

my only frustration with this set-up is that i don't seem to have any way to resize screenshots into .png files, which i much prefer to jpeg for this particular purpose. oh well. it's a minor thing, i guess. and i do have alternatives, like using imagemagick to resize or change format, instead of being a lazy bum. but that is yet more typing that i would prefer not to be forced into.

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