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13: Linux/build: Oh dear, not again :)

2018-09-13 01:50

Tags: nerd sleep-deprivation

Here we go again... This time on a machine I can actually spare (and run continually without issue).

Forgive the screen hue, I don't tolerate blue light well.

mastodon build process on an RPI3

neofetch output from the same RPI3

View full size: image 2 | image 1

Why I get so much satisfaction out of using vastly under-powered hardware for things is beyond me. Shelling into an RPi via a last-gen Android phone to build and run a vanity Mastodon instance so I can get away from the polarised and political hellscape that is https://mastodon.social seems like a good and fun project to me, however. :)

(Besides, to be fair, this phone is my daily driver, and the only one paired to a keyboard that's not mechanical, and thus usable in the middle of the night. The hilarity slash nerdiness just compounds, doesn't it?)

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