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08: Mobile: Fun with Android

2018-09-08 20:17

Tags: android food Linux oops software Termux

I sorta broke my secondary (unlocked) LG G6 today by trying to do a standard update to LineageOS. Turns out that doesn't work so hot on the LG G6, which I was worried would be the case.

At any rate, it was a chance to start anew without anything Google or Google Play Service-related. And it's going surprisingly well, some minor hiccoughs aside.

I'm writing this blog post in Termux on the fresh install, using my 60% keyboard and finishing the homemade pizza I just made for dinner. :)

I decided that if Termux is the only way to have access to vim, then so be it. I'll just live in Termux!

Termux Linux environment showing command line interface

Well, now that it's working and I have (almost) everything installed, I think I'll call it a night. The only sticking points are things that I suppose I'll just have to do without, like Twitter, and my pedometer app. (They're by no means deal-breakers.)

I'm happy!

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