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29: Hardware: Pairing Anne Pro 60% keyboard

2018-08-29 07:40

Tags: bluetooth hardware

This is for reference because for some reason I do this only often enough to remember enough of it to get really stuck. :)

Set Up


The instructions for this on reddit and other places are always extremely unclear to me, and written... well, confusingly ambiguously. I'll try not to do that.

On the Anne Pro:

On your device:

Before you do anything else:

Other shortcuts

I'm only just now getting used to these, but typing tilde (~) and grave (`) take a slight variance in one's use. (Note that these keyboard bindings apply only if you use en_US QWERTY layout. They will not change in a different layout, but the keys you are actually pressing won't really be what they're labeled. :)

To type Press
` Fn+Esc
~ Fn+Shift+Esc
PrntScr Fn+\
Pause/Break Fn+P
F1-12 Fn+1-12
PgUp Fn+;
PgDn Fn+"
Scroll Lock Fn+O
Home Fn+[
End Fn+]
Insert Fn+>
Delete Fn+/
Arrow keys Fn+ASDW

If you get stuck

Press that pointy object into the momentary switch access hole on the back of the keyboard, and hold it for about a second, then release.

You may have to do this if you plug the keyboard in while you are using it via bluetooth, or if you try to use bluetooth mode while plugged in. Which are both glaring bugs in the firmware that Obins has still not addressed. :\

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