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26: Re: Linux: NextCloud and Resilio Sync

2018-07-26 19:32

Tags: software devuan drivers linux android

It would appear that in my haste to enjoy newly adopted software that I forgot to come back and wrap this post up.

In the end I decided to pass on both NextCloud and Resilio Sync, in fact, and move up to something classier. And perhaps most importantly, open source.

I chose syncthing. It was the best choice for me, hands down.

I don't particularly need any of the extra stuff that comes with NextCloud/OwnCloud at the moment. Notes, calendar, a chat app? I just need to sync some tiny text files, not anything that should need PHP, MySQL, or anything more complicated than a filesystem database (sqlite) in all honesty. Seriously.

My reaction to SeaFile was pretty hilarious as I remember. (I believe I cursed aloud, which I almost never do any more. :)

I don't know why, but syncthing just makes sense and feels right. I recently downgraded my VPS so the financial burden of being unemployed would be lessened. Unfortunately, that also dropped the specs of my hosting, as well. In the end, something lighter is always better, and I should've remembered that from the start. syncthing is fairly lightweight.

If I had one complaint about all of this, I wish Android was better at handling storage permissions. It makes figuring out how to get my edits to "stick" on my phone nigh impossible. Not that doing it in any other app is seemingly any easier... I never did get it working in Resilio Sync, either. (Does anyone have ~any~ idea why upgrading to Oreo made apps unable to "write" to my SD card? It's bizarre and messed up. Sadly, my LG doesn't allow me to "format as internal" like, apparently, some ROMs do. Guess I need to buy an unlocked phone next time. No one tells me these things!)

In the end most of what I'll be doing with it is just keeping my vimwiki data synced across my dozens of machines, and possibly in the future I may do some fun and silly things with media files and photos.

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