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10: Software: NextCloud and Resilio Sync

2018-07-10 09:36

Tags: software sync file-sync

I'm not the fondest of closed-source software like Resilio Sync, but that said, it's sure fast at syncing data. My tests of NextCloud over the weekend were disappointing.

Way back when, I used ownCloud to host my own data. Eventually, I had to abandon it for another system, when my hosting software fell out of date and ownCloud'ss features slowly stopped working. As near as I can tell, NextCloud is either the fork of ownCloud, or the follow-through of the intervening years of development, I'm not sure which, and it's irrelevant. :)

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear NextCloud is any less forgiving in terms of dependency requirements. So don't get your hopes up there. It's also just as slow as ever, whether because of PHP or WebDav, I'm not entirely sure. The end result is that Resilio Sync is usable on my -- admittedly bad -- connection.

NextCloud isn't.

I also wanted to try Seafile, but that project is such a disastrous mess I am staying as far away from it as possible. I started to install it, saw it needed three MySQL databases just to function, and backed out. Forget that. I'm after "simplicity" at the best of times, I don't need file encryption filesystems on top of my existing VPS filesystem, thank you...

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