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25: Linux: Updating my desktop/Devuan

2018-06-25 12:53

Tags: i3 devuan linux software update

I've been using Devuan as a daily driver OS for about a month now, off and on.

A few weeks back, I finally switched my main desktop (gaming machine grade tower, basically) over from Windows 10. Yes, it's incredibly nice!

I have a bunch of Debian 7/8/9 machines kicking around already, but having seen how gosh-awful systemd is to work with, I'm done with that distro... at least until the people working on it are considerably less hostile to anyone who isn't interested in using that disaster area on their production machine(s).

I mean I thought the whole point of FOSS/open source was to give users choice. systemd definitely stands against that in every way possible, and the Debian maintainers seem perfectly happy with that status quo.

I, however, am most definitely not.

At any rate, Devuan 1.0 Jessie has been out for a while, and I've been using it as a drop-in replacement without issue. I guess I wasn't looking all that carefully when I was choosing whether or not to use it, as I didn't notice 2.0 ASCII is out now! As I only got this machine working the way I wanted a week or two ago, it seemed silly not to at least TRY doing a dist-upgrade and see how smoothly it went.

I'm still on the old kernel, as of this writing, so the results will have to wait a bit. I hope it's not too bad to resolve the issues that invariably crop up. Having perused the dist release notes, I feel fairly well prepared.

As an aside, I use i3-wm on top of xorg, sans display manager, and am a heavy, heavy command line user. I have already played with ASCII a bit on my Surface, so I know a few of the gotchas related to the software packages upon which I generally depend. My set-up required 1376 packages for a dist-upgrade, and the download size was about 850 or so MB. That's not dreadful, and as I use apt-cacher-ng, any future machines requesting the same packages won't take nearly as long. So yay!

I'll return when I have more news.

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