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20: Haircut!

2018-05-20 15:33

Tags: hair passing public trans

I actually took a hand in the ideas being put forth to make my hair look, "like an actual hair cut", as that seemed to be the on-going complaint: I asked to try having my A-line's stack brought up in the back (it was not nearly wide or open enough, and was still too close to my neck), and the front entirely left alone, long.

It turned out pretty well, though I'd still go half an inch to maybe more than an inch higher, next time, I think. I just had difficulty talking everyone else into it at the time. Much like every time I go in, I guess everyone is eager to keep the "foolish" tran from ruining her hair for a number of months. •sigh•

As nice as that is, how much does that happen to cis gender children, I wonder...? I'm going to just count myself lucky. Besides, I actually do understand what looks nice. It's just that I have trouble implementing "good" things for myself. Always.

Edit: I give up on trying to attach an image collage. Textpattern is hindering my blogging more than it's benefiting it, that's for sure. I know every time I open my own site to write a post it's going to be a miserable, frustrating, depressing affair, which is why they often take a turn for the pissy.

Edit2: Note to myself, the php.ini settings Textpattern is supposed to use from the PHP distro (the apache ones) are being completely ignored by TP itself. Either Apache is stepping on its toes, or it really is just a complete POS. (Maybe try updating? Or... just forget about it in like ten minutes. That works, too.)

Edit3: Here's the picture I had been trying to attach:

haircut collage *

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