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14: I nearly died on the way home from work. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T PASS ON THE RIGHT, PEOPLE

2017-11-14 15:26

Tags: scare public subaru

Someone in a blue, grey, or grey/blue Nissan Sentra (about model year 2010-2015 or so?) passed me on the right on I-5 South today at about a quarter past 14:00.

But that's not even the whole story...

I was about to pass a truck, and glanced in my rear view mirror for a second or two to see if it was clear. I saw a greyish car pop out from behind the large Roto Rooter panel truck behind me in the fast lane, and swerve somewhat gracelessly around them on the right before cutting them off to get back into the fast lane. They didn't appear to be going particularly fast, so I cut over to pass the huge truck.

As I drew abreast of the semi tractor, I glanced in my mirror again, and this guy had not only caught up to me, but was hugging my rear bumper like a crazed person. I knew I needed to get over in front of the truck, but I didn't want to cut it too close, for fear of causing an accident.

Gritting my teeth, I gauged when it was safe, signaled my intent to shift lanes, and started moving over. As a precaution, I stole a glance in my rear view one last time...

The grey car was gone.

I instantly stopped moving over further, and held my tack midway into the right, still partway in the left lane. It wasn't a split second after looking back at the road, that he flew around me. ON THE SHOULDER OF THE HIGHWAY.

I was already holding down my horn at this point, because I knew something was wrong. Of course, the person swerved as if they were having trouble maintaining control once they re-entered their lane from the shoulder.

Wanting very much to have a license plate in case this turned into some kind of huge accident, or legal fiasco I sped up. That's when the grey car sped up as well. They showed their apparent feelings of guilt as they accelerated to keep away from me.

Fortunately they had to slow down because both lanes were blocked ahead. So when I caught them and read the Oregon plate off for my dash cam (OR "tree" plate 172-HZT), they were still struggling to get past. I had zero interest in following them, as they had reached speeds of about 80 miles per hour attempting to elude me, and I was not interested in any of that foolishness. I tucked in behind another semi trailer and waited for them to move on, though I kept my eye on them until they were a few miles ahead. I was more than a little concerned they would cause an accident, and if they had, I wanted to be prepared to stop quickly.

Fortunately the yellow semi truck didn't seem to have suffered any hazard due to the insane maneuvers of this person. And neither did I, aside from likely having some very bad dreams about it later.

Moral? Please do not pass on the right. There's a reason it's against the law. You're putting your and other people's lives in your hands. Fortunately this person was accurate at driving, if not in any way, shape, or form wise.

Video of the altercation at speed (0:45 seconds, 12.8 MiB)

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