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11: blog back up

2007-07-11 06:58

Tags: admin apple hardware macos frustration Location: lunar

While I was moving everything from my old G4 to my sister's iBook G3 (it has become the new web server) the blog was down. It should be back now.

I'm not sure how I'm going to do this next time I go about it, as I really have to kludge things together to get them to work. I use Server Logistics' MySQL, Apache2 and PHP4 packages, but they're getting pretty old and doubtless will not be supported much longer. (The PHP4 package even says "not Tiger compatible", but seems to me to work fine. So far.)

The trouble I'm having with my new Santa Rosa-based MacBook Pro 17" may be getting fixed soon. If this Apple discussion thread is to be believed, then the Apple engineers are currently in testing of a fix for the Airport driver problem (frequent kernel panics) I've been experiencing.

Sadly this probably won't fix the audio problems I am still having on this brand new machine... The speakers pop frequently when the sound device kicks on. It's actually fairly annoying, and especially noticeable on power-on. When the system is so quiet (no fans, etc) you really don't expect the speakers to audibly pop as the sound device gets powered up. But it does. And the recent audio patch for OS X didn't fix anything that I could hear.

When I bought this system I was pretty close to just going with Dell, as they had a reasonably fast sub-compact (the 12" XPS) that I had been eyeing for some time. The only problem was that... well, it was Dell. And while I would expect these kind of issues with a Dell, I hadn't the slightest inclination I'd be experiencing them with Apple yet again. While the machine is still fairly usable, it isn't what I'd call stable, and isn't up to what I'd consider to be the "Apple experience" by any stretch.

Extremely disappointing.

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