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27: wordpress updated

2007-02-27 08:30

Tags: admin work gaming frustration Location: lunar

Updated to WordPress 2.1.1 today. Seemed to go all right.

Work's been a madhouse. Too much to get done, too little time to do it in, too many little busy-work projects popping up while I'm in the middle of doing things that actually matter.

I've been making some progress playing Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Got a few chapters into the story over the weekend, then have done about one to one and a half per night on the week-nights. It's fairly fun aside from a few times I got so stuck I nearly cratered my DS Lite into the drywall... From what I hear, it seems Atlus/CING's games invariably cause this reaction at some point for most folks, though, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

Generally, looking at a FAQ or walk-through on the internet is the only way to get past the sticking points. This seems to have been the case a lot more with Touch Detective than with Hotel, however, so hopefully they're refining their technique. There's nothing so frustrating as getting stuck for over an hour, looking the chapter up on the net, and finding that it's something one never would have tried. I hate that kind of "puzzle" with a passion. It's not a puzzle, it's a cruel joke.

An example of this from Touch Detective: at a certain point you find a phonograph "speaker" which is commented as "looking like an earpiece". So obviously you have to use it to listen to something. Later on you find something that's very quiet and inaudible, but no matter how you use the phonograph cone on the items you get no reaction. Turns out you're supposed to back up a whole screen away from the items you're trying to listen to and use the phonograph cone there on the bloody floor. Ridiculous. I wasted hours on that simply because they didn't author the game even remotely intuitively.

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