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22: blah

2006-12-22 09:13

Tags: ill tired frustration work Location: lunar

I'm tired, have been sick most of the week, and just basically want to go home and get back in bed.

Spending all day testing the same asinine feature in the product at work is not my idea of a good way to spend the day. I already feel miserable enough as it is, adding further insult to injury is less than helpful.

The problem is that the test matrix is about 8 by 14 (well, 8 by 28 if you take into account each bloody test case has to be run twice because of the way the product handles cookies (which is to say, poorly)).

I'm kind of annoyed this wasn't better written in the first place, the reason we're having to go through all this testing is because it was not designed as most of us had hoped. (In other words, no back-end means of forcing the feature's options was put in place, meaning everything has to be tested manually. Not so bad, except that's the same matrix I mentioned above in about seven or eight different web browsers... •cry•)

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