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15: 金曜日金曜日金曜日!

2006-12-15 07:29

Tags: family work photography Location: lunar

I'm not sure why I'm so excited for it to be Friday, but I am. It may have to do with getting to take photos at my parents' place this weekend, as I have plans to visit them.

It's also the weekend during which we generally do the holiday decorating, as previously mentioned. Although I sometimes put up some resistance to engaging in the activity itself I almost always end up enjoying it.

The only trouble I foresee is getting through the work-day without onset of immense levels of lethargy. It's been a trifle boring of late, and this is always a bad sign that a mountainous deluge of work is building up to pounce upon us at an unsuspecting moment. (Hopefully not today, but if such is the case perhaps it will encourage the perception that time is flowing more quickly, as being overly busy is wont to do.)

Eugene's western skyline from downtown - 1/20 f1.4 1600ISO

Eugene's western skyline from downtown - 1/20 f1.4 1600ISO

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