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14: dull throbbing

2006-12-14 07:43

Tags: pain family perl coding tired Location: lunar

mid-sprint - 1/400 f4.0 800ISO

mid-sprint - 1/400 f4.0 800ISO

The holiday festivities last night were enjoyable, though I had a headache through it all. I'm not sure what caused it. When I arrived home from work to change and prepare I began feeling extremely tired and a pain spread across the front of my head. It did not completely go away even after a night's rest.

Apparently the spare battery and larger CF card for my camera will be arriving today, and I shall likely pick them up on Friday as I am planning to visit my parents over the weekend. It's that time of month when we usually do family holiday type festivities, so we shall likely be decorating their house with abundant seasonal items while I am there.

I'm supposed to be learning Perl, but I keep forgetting I need to go to the book store and obtain a volume on the subject. Alas. Perhaps next week or the subsequent week-end.

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