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11: forgetful

2006-12-11 07:33

Tags: memory work photography food shopping Location: lunar

Aw. I get to work, snap a bunch of photos and then realise my camera cable is nowhere to be found. I assumed there was a USB to mini-USB cable in my computer bag, but as it turns out there is not. (I had one sitting out ready to go at home, too. All I had to do was pick it up and place it in my camera bag. Damn.)

No breakfast today, either. I didn't go shopping and I don't trust much that's currently in my fridge, it's sort of sad. Good thing I have some frozen items I suppose.

This week is going to be very long, I can tell. I have a holiday party to go to on Wednesday (with the people from my last job, not my current job) and that's likely to be the only entertaining portion of the week.

19:21: leaden overcast

Tags: photography tired lit

The day's been pretty boring. Aside from quite a lot of work to do followed up shortly with reading through and up to page 119 of A Collection of Remarkable Cases in Surgery (Paul Fitzsimmons Eve) not a whole lot has occurred.

morning rain - 1/80 f1.8 1600ISO

morning rain - 1/80 f1.8 1600ISO

overcast lines - 1/250 f3.5 800ISO

overcast lines - 1/250 f3.5 800ISO

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