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21: lights out!


Tags: weather work unusual Location: lunar

Well that was something of a new experience to have had while living in one of the larger cities in Oregon...

I woke up at my normal time this morning, shaved and showered, sat down in front of my laptop to check the weather, when I realised I could hear wind absolutely howling outside.

I got up and meandered to the sliding door leading onto the deck, noting with bemusement that the rain was not only falling sideways, but horizontally at times. For the next five minutes or so I wandered back and forth between my laptop and the sliding door, enjoying the stunningly beautiful diversion. (I adore a good rain storm before sunrise, or just plain any time.)

On about my third visit to the sliding door I saw a reddish orange flash tinged with blue, and heard an enormous "crack". As my eyes followed the flash to its origin I noted a repeat of the aberration. This time I was looking directly at it and saw huge cascades of arc-light flash over the trees and houses across the spillway as the cracking sound came again. In a sudden pang of worry I hurried over to my laptop and disconnected the power adapter. By the third or fourth iteration of the fireworks my lights went off and stayed that way.

With a mild chuckle to myself I reached to my left and pulled the LED flashlight I always carry with me and proceeded to finish preparations to go to work. It was more than half an hour earlier than I generally leave, but with no power it seemed somewhat silly to linger. Not only that, but I could tell it was only some blocks which had gone out. Staring up into the falling rain from my sliding door it was clearly obvious most of the city still had lighting judging by the soft orange aura emanating from the lower atmosphere.

At least here at work I have electricity, coffee and some kind of breakfast. (Though to be honest, having my first Pop Tart in probably 15 years is not exactly my ideal breakfast, granted.) The only thing I'm currently thinking about is that I had to leave my garage unlocked. Since I have no access to the garage aside from the main door, there was no way to fasten the lock after sliding the door back down.

I'm not overly concerned about the garage, but I am a little frustrated about my G4. The poor thing probably took quite a beating with the power cycling as it did. (As I mentioned, I unplugged my laptop after about the third power arc, but didn't want to fall over anything trying to get to the power strips for the two towers.)

At any rate, this won't be posted until きたみ (kitami, the G4) is back up again, which will likely be sometime this evening (if there is even power by then). I could have fetched the MySQL db and run it locally on my laptop until the power was returned then update the db on きたみ, but without power it is not possible to retrieve the db to start with. (I guess it's time to start doing backups of that at any rate, I'll consider this a gentle reminder to that effect.)

The silliest thing is that I never did get to check the weather forecast before I left.

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