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31: ハロウィーン!!

2006-10-31 07:37

Tags: photography holiday work Location: lunar

negative six


Well, happy Halloween, I suppose.

For October it's sure chillier than I remember it usually being. I'll probably get just as many kids asking for candy as usual though, despite the cold. None.

I guess living at the far end of a dead-end street with only condos where old people live can be a boon. Though I wouldn't mind seeing some costumes. I have no candy on-hand, however, so I rather hope no children do show up. I hate to disappoint.

09:29: Costume party

Tags: work costume fun

Oh yay, the costumes are already appearing. :)

Walter as a mad scientist

mad scientist!


festively decorated table

festively decorated table

Puppy Princess Mimosa

Puppy Princess Mimosa 1

Puppy Princess Mimosa 2

Puppy Princess Mimosa 2


Blast this cell phone camera.... I should know by now I need my digital SLR for indoor photos....

Ben as a KoL player character

Ben's KoL impression (original lost so thumbnail instead)

Ben as a KoL player character

Ben's KoL impression

Sarah as an anime character

Sarah as an anime character

Sarah again

Sarah again

Sarah doing her character's signature pose

Sarah doing her character's signature pose

We were supposed to vote for costumes. I voted last three (just above) for "best" and the top two (the top-two for this entry) for "most technogeek" (?) and "scariest". Mostly because it's cool he made his costume from the KoL mascot, but damn am I sick of that game...

I would have taken more photos but it was too crowded to really get far enough from people for good shots and the camera was abysmally slow, so it was pointless anyway. •sigh• [Ed: I forget to mention here that part of the reason I didn't take more was I was hiding the fact that I didn't really want to participate.]


Tags: holiday funny

Drum roll...................

My unofficial award for most unoriginal costume goes to..... Harold!!!!!

A pretty bad costume, Harold

harold's (non-)costume

Sarah still wins "best costume" on merit alone though, sorry Harold.

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