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08: tired of not sleeping

2006-06-08 06:23

Tags: nosleep tired work Location: lunar

Huh, I don't know why I have so much trouble sleeping lately. I wake up at least twice every night, often up to five or six times. I'll roll over in bed and suddenly be wide awake for no apparent reason. This understandably makes getting back to sleep each consecutive iteration something of a chore -- as if it wasn't hard enough the first time.

The upshot of all this is that while I never used to want to sleep in, I now find it increasingly difficult to get up in the morning without doing so. My alarm goes off in the morning and where I used to bound out of bed with energy I now have to struggle to even sit, let alone stand up.


Tags: work stress

Okay, most of the pre-testing at work is over and now the day is passing a bit more sluggishly. At least I've already put in a little bit of extra time this week, so I'll probably get to go home a tad early tomorrow. Plus tomorrow is pay-day.

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