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11: Pictweはここに

2006-01-11 08:50

Tags: friend coding weather work family firearm Location: 1337

Hello new year, hello discombobulation.

And hello new blog page, all fresh and shiny.

A lot has happened since my last entry, and I've been rather too busy to make regular posts. Work's been like a hellacious nightmare of overtime, and the holidays were extremely brief owing to getting only one day off.

Speaking of the holidays, they were okay. My sister came down to visit for Thanksgiving, The December Holiday, and my birthday (the 6th of January), so that was nice. I feel sorry for her having to do all that intense driving, though.

For winter break my friends Pictwe and Carmina came down to visit from Vancouver, BC. (No, those aren't their real names.) They stayed for a week and despite my having to work (and work overtime a bit as well) we still had a nice time. I'm thankful to my new place for having a spare bedroom though, as I'm sure were they.

We ate out a bunch, which was fun, and we bought DVDs to watch. They did some exploring of the University of Oregon, since it's a ten minute drive from my condo, and bought some stuff at the university book store (including an iPod on "education discount").

It's been raining almost non-stop since December. It's great. According to Pictwe it's been raining about 24 days straight in British Columbia as well. (Lucky.) I was, needless to say, happy that it rained on my birthday. Then on Sunday it stopped just long enough for me to try out my new birthday toy. (I managed to wreck my knee in the process though, and have been limping quite a bit since the weekend. It was worth it, though.)


Tags: work stress frustration Location: lunar

Well, so much for going home from work at my normal time. I suspect I won't be doing so again for quite a while given the way things are going of late. Rather annoying I'm the one usually chosen to come in early, or I'd just shift my whole schedule an hour later.

Oh well.

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