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06: Dual USB iBook disassembly

2005-11-06 19:02

Tags: hardware apple frustration photography Location: home

I did this to find out whether or not I could easily or cheaply replace the hard drive, since it failed. While I had it open I fixed the metal tab in the optical drive which had rendered it unable to stay shut on its own. (This turned out to be a waste of time though, since I decided the system wasn't worth salvaging.)

Everything all laid out before I started putting things back together:

all laid out pre-reassembly

Palm-rest (and both upper and lower case shielding plates) - featuring the underside of the trackpad:

palm rest assembly

Right to left, bottom RF shield, top RF shield, palm-rest (upside-down)

sheilding, etc

Screws all set in correct patterns (so I'd be able to get them back in)


Bottom case shell

Bottom case shell

Mainboard top

Mainboard top

Hard drive (this is what went bad, basically rendering the system useless)

hard drive

Optical drive (this also had major issues, one of which being it would no longer stay shut without tape)

optical drive label

Mainboard bottom

Mainboard bottom

Reverse of trackpad, close-up


Mainboard top, showing chassis

mainboard top

A bunch of useless scrap, basically...

a bunch of scrap

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