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18: vim around the rosie

2005-10-18 07:56

Tags: vim editor software work health Location: 1337

Vim 6.4 is out. Once again I have to spend hours remembering how I last got it to compile correctly with multi-byte/multi-language support. •sigh•

My one year job review is coming up in two days. I'm kind of stuck filling in the form they supplied. (Anything titled "Employee Self-Evaluation", or even just "Self-Evaluation" causes me to break out in hives.) I have a few things thus far, but nothing really great. I would like to fill it out as well as I can, but... self-evaluation. Yeah. Not my strong suit. (For the "Major Weaknesses" section I'm considering putting "I'm absolutely awful at self-evaluations".)

I also have a doctor's appointment today. Time to get my blood pressure "fixed", according to my mum. It's only about twice the normal, though, so what would possibly be amiss? (Like I know... I hate the doctor though. And this time around mine apparently won't see me, as it's been over five years since I last went in. So I am going to someone new. I guess it will be different at the very least.)

Speaking of work, it's a little bit stressful lately. (Which may be part of why my blood pressure is shooting not only through the roof but also several satellites and moons of Jupiter.) Not only stressful, but discouraging. It seems like I have several people telling me to do several things at once a lot more of late that in the past. This really isn't a problem, it's what happens when one of them doesn't like something the other(s) have had me do that becomes uncomfortable. My mantra lately has become "I'm just doing what I was told". It's a sad excuse, perhaps, but it's the only one I've got.

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