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17: Dvorak (not the computer pundit)

2005-03-17 06:35

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Pictwe said I should update this. So here goes.

I've been using the Dvorak keyboard layout for several weeks now. I'm still not quite as fast as I used to be, but that's mostly out of sheer laziness on my part: I haven't been doing drills every day like I am supposed to.

Actually, thus far I have found it to be an enjoyable learning experience. At the very beginning it was excruciatingly painful, but once I got past the "okay, my fingers are worthless meat sticks" phase, it all began to fit together like a matryoshka.

I am still not capable of switching back and forth between Dvorak and Qwerty, which is sadly something I was lead to believe would be relatively simple. On the few occasions I have been forced, out of necessity, to use a fellow employee's system, I have endured around thirty to sixty seconds of absolute terror, followed by instantly reverting to grade school "hunt and peck". This has amused people more than I expected. It has also frustrated me nearly to the point of giving up on it...it continues to be quite embarrassing.

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