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03: OS X <> Linux ?

2004-09-03 22:13

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Well, a few weeks ago my Windows installation on my P4 went splat. I was toying with the notion of ditching it anyway, however, so this just bolstered my resolve. It did take almost half a week to get all of my data off of the doomed XP disk, but that drudgery eventually ended, leading to the point where I had to make a choice about what to replace it with. Obviously not Windows with all the wonderful times I've had with it in the past...

In the end I installed Gentoo Linux on the system, and have been having quite a lot of fun with it overall. So much fun, in fact, that I've already gotten to the point where I can view my extensive collection of anime, play my digital music, Neverwinner Nights, as well as use Japanese input. I have Xorg working in 1280x1024@24, which is nice considering I'm using a cruddy 15" LCD display, and I'm thinking of trying out CD and DVD burning in the near future, when I get to the point where I actually need to bother for some reason.

Here's a screen shot of my terminal vd showing some nice Japanese kanji and xmms.

terminal and music player onscreen

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