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11: computers suck sometimes

2003-11-11 17:56

Tags: hardware macos windows employment Location: home

Some days start out sort of interesting and then turn out to be boring as hell. Today was one of those days. At least I can say I was somewhat productive, I caught up on some paperwork I needed to complete this morning and then this afternoon had a work-out.

Other than that... meh.

I'm still frustrated that Windows XP strangled itself to death on my Pentium 4 system... I still haven't really finished rebuilding it, there just simply isn't much point since I have lost most of the data that made it such a fun system in the first place, like all my save-games and such.

I guess I should take heart that I didn't lose the files I had on the external drives. It is still infuriating, however. The firewire hard drive I built a while back is now an OS X backup drive. Every month or so I slug my home directory and any Apple updates over to it for safekeeping.

Somehow I like to believe it's less likely my iBook is going to take some kind of major dive than anything I run Windows on, but perhaps that's wishful thinking.

I'm really starting to wish I could find a darn job, I can tell I'm going to need a new portable system somewhat soon, regardless of my hopes.

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