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10: volunteering

2003-11-10 19:00

Tags: family volunteer macos moo japanese friend Location: home

Today was spent for the most part in helping a local benefit group my mother donates a good portion of her spare time to. My father and I picked up a whole truck-load of food for the organization's Free Dinner Monday. I suppose that isn't extremely exciting in and of itself, though it was interesting getting to see the nifty food warehouse from which the organization gets their supplies. (It was a 35 minute drive just to get to it, and the place was pretty big so we waited around for like five minutes before anyone even noticed us and asked if we needed anything.)

I spent the rest of the day trying to get Shift-JIS 日本語 encoding to work correctly in vim, which was something of a chore. (Turns out I forgot to select the correct text encoding choice in my terminal's settings. Whoops.) All seems to be working now, however, at least according to whether or not you see kanji above. The only glaring problem I see is that either vim or terminal has the annoying habit of screwing up encoded lines if I edit them on a character-by-character basis. I'm not sure what is causing that, but I'm trying to ignore it for now...

I haven't been to LambdaMOO in something over two weeks now, and I'm actually rather enjoying spending quite a bit less time there as I had been. I also finally mailed James the CDs I had promised him last week. I should think he would have them rather soon here...

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